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quinta-feira, 23 de junho de 2011



TRUE STORIES IN THE NEWS, has been an amazing collection of books, that helps me to teach English and motivate reading ability, through incredible stories that seem to be impossible to happen...but, everything is TRUE.

Imagine scuba diving near the Florida coast and suddenly getting sucked into the huge pump of a nuclear power plant! *Or picking up a newspaper and seeing a photograph of a pair of twins who look exactly like you! *Or writing love letters to someone every day for a year only to see that person marry the mail carrier? These stories and more -- humorous, poignant, astounding -- and all true! True Stories in the News, Second Edition, consists of 22 readings based on human-interest stories adapted from newspapers and magazines -- including new, updated, and improved material. The universal appeal of these stories ensures a pleasurable reading experience and motivates students toward reading fluency. Vocabulary, reading skills, discussion, and writing exercises have been refined and improved based on classroom experiences with the highly successful first edition.

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